Friday, 19 October 2012

DIY Crow Silhouette Painting

DIY Crow Silhouette Painting

This week I wanted to make something spooky or festive for Halloween, but I also wanted to be able to use this piece all year long. So, I was looking on Pinterest and I seen a crow silhouette painting that I just had to have, so I decided to make it!

What you will need to make the crow silhouette painting is:
  • Thin piece of wood
  • Tracing paper
  • Pattern paper
  •  Pencil
  •  Sander
  •  Black/dark aqua blue/brown acrylic paints
  • Thin and thick paint brush
  •  Varnish

(All of these tools can be purchased at any craft or hardware store.)

Step 1: Once you have found a thin piece of wood use the sander to sand it down to make sure it’s completely smooth. Next use the thick paintbrush and paint the entire piece of wood dark aqua blue.

Step 2: Once the paint is dry dip your thick paintbrush into the brown acrylic paint. Dab the brown paint on the edges and corners of the piece of wood to give it a dark old look. Over coat the brown dabs with black paint and keep blending the colors together for an even spookier look.

Step 3: Now choose a set of crows that you’ve seen on the Internet or draw a set of you’re own. I found a set of crows online and then enlarged the photo as big as I wanted it to be. Then I used pattern paper and traced the crows from the computer screen onto the pattern paper. Once this step is complete you can now use your tracing paper and place it onto the piece of wood with the crow pattern on top. Use a pencil and trace the pattern onto the piece of wood. The tracing paper allow for the pattern to be clear and traced onto the piece of wood.

Step 4: Once the crow outline is on the piece of wood use a small paintbrush and paint the crows in with the black paint. Once the crows are painted and totally dry use your large paintbrush to put a coat of varnish onto the painting. This allows the painting to look shiny and bright! Once the varnish is dried you are all done your crow silhouette painting.

Any questions let me know guys!
Enjoy J

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