Tuesday, 2 October 2012

DIY Knife Block Redo

DIY Knife Block Redo

So I decided to repaint my knife block to give it a bright new look! This was really easy to do and looks great in the kitchen.

For this craft you’re going to need the following:
  • Knife Block
  • Sander
  •  Paint
  • Paint Brush
  •  Pencil
  • Tracing Paper
 Step 1: First you’re going to sand your knife block right down until the glossy finish has come right off. The reason being is that the paint will not stick onto the block and will chip really easily. If your knife block doesn’t have a glossy finish then there’s no reason to sand.

Step 2: After sanding, choose a paint color that will go best in your kitchen, I chose red. Make sure the paint is an acrylic paint; these can be purchased at any craft store. Use the paintbrush to do three to four coats until the knife block looks totally covered.

Step 3: Now this step is for adding, “knives” or any other quote that you would like to add to your knife block. To do the quote you must use tracing paper that can be purchased at any craft store, a print off of “Knives”, tape and a pencil. Place the print off where you would like it to go on the knife block then tape it on, slide the tracing paper underneath, then use the pencil to trace on the quote.

Step 4: After the quote has been traced on, use a darker color to fill it in. I choose black and I used a skinny paintbrush. Use the paintbrush to paint in between the lines. I added brush strokes on the top of the knife block just to add some detail. After the paint has fully dried you can now place your knives back into the block and begin to use it daily!

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