Monday, 8 October 2012

DIY Gourd Candleholders

DIY Gourd Candle Holders

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Seeing how this weekend is Thanksgiving I decided to make something easy and very festive! I made pumpkin candleholders. These holders are easy and cheap to do. They can be left outside for decorations or inside on the table where they work as great centerpieces for turkey dinner.

What you’re going to need to be able to create these cute candleholders is:
  •   Gourds
  • Sharp knife
  •  Tea light candles
  • Marker
  •  Water based varnish
  •  Paintbrush
Step 1: Purchase some gourds from a farmers market or Wal-Mart. Cut the steam off of each gourd and use a marker to trace the outline of the tea light candle onto the gourd. 

 Step 2: Take a very sharp knife and cut around the marker lines, which will look like a circle. Be careful, the gourds are extremely tough. Once the whole has been cut, use a spoon to dig all the seeds and guts out of the gourd. Do this for each gourd.

Step 3: After the seeds and guts have been removed wash the marker lines and the inside of the gourd to make sure everything is looking clean. Dry gourds off with paper towel thoroughly.  

Step 4: Now take a paintbrush and the varnish and do one coat of varnish to each gourd. This allows the gourd to look shiny and for it to last longer.

Step 5: Once the varnish has completely dried you can place the tea light candles into each gourd. Now you are finished! You can place these festive candleholders anywhere you would like.
Hope you enjoyed, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

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