Saturday, 6 October 2012

DIY Striped Stained Table

Striped Stained Table
This week I decided to redo an old side/coffee table that I found at my boyfriends house. This project was defiantly the longest and hardest to do so far, but of course it’s the best one I’ve ever done!

These are the things you’re going to need to do the Stripped Stained Table.
  • An old or new side/coffee table
  • Sander
  • Varnish (water based)
  • Wood stain (chestnut)
  • Aqua Sea acrylic paint
  • Paint Brush
  • White acrylic paint
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

 Step 1: After you have chose a table you would like to redo you can now plug in your sander and sand every edge of the table making sure that all surfers are no longer shiny or have any type of varnish or finish left on it.

Step 2: Once the table is completely sanded you can now start painting the legs and if theres a little shelf under the table like mine you can paint that a solid color too. I chose to go with a greeny blue. This paint color is called Aqua Sea and it’s an acrylic paint that can be purchased at any craft store. Do at least two coats of paint until everything inch is completely covered.

Step 3: Once the table legs have dried you can now use your wood stain, which can be purchased at home hardware. I chose chestnut because I wanted my table to look darker. Take a paintbrush and stain the top of the table and the edges. Only do one coat.

Step 4: After the stain has dried take a paintbrush and do one coat of varnish to the top and edges of the table. The reason why you should varnish is that if you get paint on the stain it will wipe off easily and will give the table a shiny look.

Step 5: Once the varnish has dried you can now take out your ruler and measure how many stripes you like to put on the top of the table. Even out the stripes out so that each side is either stripes or no stripes, this is where I messed up.

Step 6: Once you have measured your stripes out evenly, take a pencil and a ruler and draw on the stripes. After the stripes have been drawn on you can use any type of tape and just place the tape of one side of each strip .The tape is to help you see the lines and it prevents you from putting paint onto the varnish side.

Step 7: Mix the white paint with the varnish so that it thins the white out and gives it a glosser look. Use the paintbrush to do big brush strokes so that the white doesn’t completely cover up the stain underneath.

Step 8: Once the top of the table is dry, take the tapelines off of the table. Use the varnish to go over every inch of the entire table just to seal all the paint and stain in and to give it a shiny look. Once the varnish has dried you are completely done and now can start using your table! Hope you enjoyed this project!

Extra: Step 9: This step is only if you messed up your lines or wanted to add a quote to your table. Unfortunately, I messed my lines up and decided to paint on a quote just to make the table look better. The quote I chose is “oh darling, lets be adventures’. How I painted this quote on was that I printed out the quote on Microsoft word, and then I taped the quote where I wanted it to be on my table. I then used tracing paper that can be bought at any craft store, and put the tracing paper under the quote and used a pencil to trace the quote on. Once the quote was put on I used a thin paintbrush and white paint to paint on the quote. I did three coats of paint until the quote looked bold. 

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