Saturday, 6 October 2012

DIY P.S I Love You Mailbox

P.S I love you Mailbox

Sweet DIY mail boxes are a great idea to try for something different then the boring name and adress on every regular mailbox. The mailbox I created was simple to do and fun! I loved the way it turned out!

I thought this mailbox would be perfect for wedding cards, a decoration, or used as a mailbox.

DIY Mailbox Turtorial

Step 1: First you will have to puchase a plain mailbox from any hardware store or even garage sale. Mailboxes are usually around $20-30 dollars.

Step 2: The second step would be to paint your mailbox black. I did this with black spray paint because it drys fastern and doesn’t leave any brush storkes. You will also have to spray paint the screws, bolts, handles, and the piece that holds the flag up.

This is what it should look like after is has been spray painted.

Step 3: Now its time to put the quote onto the mailbox, this is done very easily. You will need tracing paper that is available at any craft stores. You will also need to print the quote onto a banner size using Microsoft word. The font size should be around 300, and you can choose any font style you prefer. Now you need to place the quote in banner size on the mailbox and tape it there so that it doesn’t move. Then slide a piece of tracing paper underneath the quote. Now with a pencil trace the quote onto the mailbox. The tracing paper allows the quote to be transferred onto the mailbox.

This is what the quote should look like after its been trasfered onto the mailbox.

Step 4: Now that the quote is traced onto the mailbox you can start painting! You can choose any type of paint colors you would like but make sure its perm enamle paint. The colors I chose were grass green, sunny yellow, parry purple, and hot pink. Also use very fine, squared, paint brushes, they will help you with the edging. They can be purchased at any craft store.

Step 5: Now just take your time and paint in between the lines, just like coloring. Do two to three coats, until the quote looks bold.

Step 6: After painting the quote onto the mailbox, spray the mailbox with a clear coat of varnish. This pervents the paint from chipping and rusting, it also makes the mailbox look shiny! 

Step 7: Just for extra I painted the mailbox flag yellow, I did this with spray paint, and I also added initals to the lid. I hope you have as much as fun as I did painting this pretty mailbox! 

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