Monday, 29 October 2012

DIY Vintage Chair REDO

DIY Vintage Chair REDO

For the past few weeks I have been working on redoing a pair of old vintage chairs. I was given one of these chairs from my grandmother, which she received at her wedding over 50 years ago! And the second identical chair came from my boyfriend’s great grandparents, which they also received over 50 years ago. Since these chairs have been passed down through our family members and it was finally our time to accept the chairs. We decided to redo them and bring them on our new adventure to Vancouver in the New Year.

Things you’ll need to redo your vintage chair:

  • Old Chair (Garage sale, grandparents house)
  • Sander
  • Black acrylic Paint
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Varnish
  • Upholstery Service (I used David’s Upholstery)

Step 1: If your old chair has any wood areas on it you’re going to have to sand and stain those areas. I used a hand sander and sanded the arms and legs down. I sanded each area until the old shiny varnish was no longer there.

Step 2: Once the arms and legs are sanded, mix black acrylic paint with a lot of water so it’s almost clear. The water and black paint makes a black stain. Paint the arms and legs with the black stain. Do at least two coats until it’s the color you like.

Step 3: Pick out a funky fabric for your chair or a fabric that is going to match your house. I chose black and white. I chose the black and white pattern at the upholstery store and then they had the fabric ordered in. You can choose your fabric at fabric land and you’re going to need 2 and half yards for each chair.

Step 4: Once the arms and legs are completely dried you can take your chair to whichever upholstery service that is the closest to you to have the upholstery part completed.

David's Upholstery
26121 Kennedy Rd RR 3, Sutton West, ON L0E 1R0

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