Wednesday, 7 November 2012

DIY Wood Candleholder Centre Piece

DIY Wood Candleholder Centerpiece

Hello all!

This week I decided to create another DIY candleholder. I was browsing on Pinterest and I came across a candleholder made out of a thick piece of wood. I then went to my grandparents in search of a similar piece. After hunting for a few minutes I was able to find the perfect piece of wood. Next, I got down to work in hopes of creating a DIY wood candleholder centerpiece! 

The supplies you’ll need to create this cute candleholder are the following:
  • Thick piece of wood
  • Drill press with a round bit
  • Sander
  • Paint Brush
  • Chestnut Stain
  • Varnish

(Majority of these supplies can be purchases at a home hardware store.)

Step 1: Once you’ve found a thick or long piece of wood, take a drill press with a round bit and drill 10 or more holes depending on the size of your piece of wood. Drill the wholes in a pattern onto the wood. The round bit is the same size as a tea light, so the candles will fit perfectly into the drilled wholes.

Step 2: Once all the holes are drilled, I used a palm sander and sanded the piece of wood down until it felt soft.

Step 3: After the wood was sanded down I used my paintbrush and chestnut stain and painted on 3 coats of stain. I wanted my candleholder to look very shiny. Once the stain was dry I took another paintbrush and painted on 1 coat of varnish. The varnish is a final coat that leaves the piece looking sealed and shiny. Once the varnish is completely dry you can now place the candleholder anywhere you’d like. I placed mine on top of my table and used it as a centerpiece. I also place it on top of the fireplace mantel.

EXTRA: I eventually carved my boyfriend’s, and my initials into the piece of wood. I did this with a stencil and a electric wood carver. This is very easy to do and adds more to the piece.

Hope you guys enjoyed the DIY wood candleholder centerpiece tutorial!   

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