Saturday, 24 November 2012

DIY Pine Trees in Crown Jars

DIY Pine Trees in Crown Jars

Hello everyone on this very snowy, Saturday, morning!
Today, I was totally inspired by our recent snowfall that I decided to get crafty and make a snowy, Christmassy, craft! Today’s craft was easy to create and looks so pretty. These DIY Pine Trees in Crown Jars look great on the windowsill, fire mantel, or used as holiday centerpieces.

Items you’ll need to build this craft:
  • Vintage Crown Canning Jars/Mason Jars
  • Epsom Salt
  • Small Village D├ęcor Trees

Step 1: Find a Crown jar, Crown jars can be purchased at flea markets or garage sales. I found mine in my grandma’s basement. I like using the Crown jars for this craft because I like the blue tint that the jar has, it gives the craft a snowy look. However, Mason jars will also work. I then used bleach and hot water and washed each jar out.

Step 2: After each jar was clean and dried, I add in the Epsom salt. Put about 2 scoops of salt into each jar, making sure that the bottom of the jar is covered. Then place your mini trees into each jar. These mini pine trees can be purchased at the dollar store or Canadian Tire. Now Sprinkle a few more scoops of salt into the jar to make the trees look like they’re covered in snow. The salt also packs down each trees base so that the trees don’t move. Once your jars are looking nice and snowy its time to put the lid, on and place the jars wherever you’d like!

Hope you guys enjoyed the DIY Pine Trees in Crown Jars craft!
More Christmas crafts to come! 

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